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Fringe Wilmington


Live Fringe

  • Date: NOV 19 - 23, 2014
  • Location Wilmington, DE
  • Venue: Live Fringe

2014 Live Fringe Wilmington Festival: November 19 – 23

The Fringe Wilmington Festival is a five-day celebration of unconventional and experimental art held three times annually as Live Fringe, Film Fringe and Visual Fringe.

Live Fringe presents Delaware’s most outrageous and edgy live performances by local, regional and national artists. Improv, dance, comedy, clowns, magic, drama, musical theater and the indescribable can be experienced in local theaters, vacant storefronts and unexpected spaces.  The Live Fringe Preview Party  kicks-off the festival with three-minute “samples” by each of the performing artists at World Café Live at the Queen.

For a list of participating artists in the 2014 Live Fringe and a schedule please click on the tabs to the right.

The 2014 Call for Artists  has closed but we are currently accepting applications for the 2015 Film Fringe in February, Visual Fringe in May and Live Fringe next November. We are looking for artists who want to present works that are contemporary, untested, forward-thinking and creative.